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Tungsten & Alloys

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals: 3410°C. Consequently, tungsten parts are made by powder metallurgy or by remelting them under vacuum. Tungsten powder is obtained by purifying and reducing tungsten ores : Wolframite or Scheelite. Then the tungsten powder is used to produce tungsten and tungsten alloys. Tungsten
and its alloys are particularly used for their high density (density of tungsten: 19,3 g/cm3), their high temperature resistance, and their emissivity.
  • Pure tungsten (99.95 %) ;
  • W-3%Re ; W-25%Re
  • Pseudo-alloys W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu
In form of rods, wire, plates, foils, tubes and machined pieces.


Older references describe zirconium as being hard and brittle metal of relative unimportance. Modern developments, however, have shown that zirconium is soft and ductile. It has valuable properties which have given rise to a spectacular increase in production and an intensive study of the metal and its alloys. The reason for this great interest is the corrosion resistance to produce industry equipment and the low absorption capacity for thermal neutrons.
  • Zr 702 - UNS 60702
  • Zr 705 - UNS 60705

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