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Our resins and adhesives are used for electronic, microelectronic and automotive industry. These products can be conductive or insulant (thermal or electrical).
We propose epoxy, silicon and polyurethane based materials manufactured by LORD.

Epoxies are usually harder and purer, while silicones and polyurethanes are used for automotive applications in large


Polymer resistor compositions are designed for screen print application onto a wide range of substrates.
Wer supply conductor or resistive polymers for hybrids circuits of thick film systems:
  • resistor : R = 0.1 ohm/square at 1 Gohm/square
  • TCR (serie 10 ohm/square at 1 Mohm/square) = 50 ppm/°C
  • conductors (base Ag, Ag/Pd, Ag/Pt, Au)
  • dielectrics (overglaze)


We propose microelectronic grades of encapsulating materials
  • Glob-top encapsulants: theses resins have high purity. They are flexible and can be easily dispensed by syringes or screen printing.
  • Cavity/Dam encapsulants: this system is composed by fast co-curable resins which reduces significantly the curing schedule of Dam and Fill systems.
Some of these materials are mono component and some are two components.
Low coefficient of thermal expansion, high purity chemistries, epoxy and silicone based materials.
Applications: Chip-On-Board, BGA, TAB, micro-encapsulation, Optoelectronic...


We propose thermal conductive materials with high thermal conductivity and/or low thermal impedance:
  • Thermally Conductive Greases: they are offering an excellent surface wetting, a high temperature resistant greases, low thermal resistance, very high thermal conductivity and easy dispensability.
  • High thermally conductive silicone gels called "Geleases": they have the low thermal resistance of grease, but show much better flowing resistance like a gel. Geleases minimize bleed, separation, and pump-out, it is a low density cross-linked polymer after cure. Geleases are also resistant to moisture, easily removed and easily dispensed or printed.
  • Thermally Conductive Adhesives; these products offer superior thermal conductivity and excellent adhesion.


We propose various adhesives for microelectronics applications:
  • Silver Filled adhesives: high electrically and thermally conductive assembly materials for soldering replacing or to make an electrical conduction.
  • Die Attach adhesives: low stress, electrically conductive or insulating material. Easily applied by screen printing, dispensing or by transfer. Re-workable material.
  • Surface Mount Adhesives: we propose an outstanding adhesive with, excellent dispensing and printing performances, very high speed dispensing, excellent dot profile and snap cure. Also, this adhesive is a one component material with room temperature storage.


LORD offers a variety of capillary-flow underfill encapsulants designed to meet flip chip assembly and packaging needs. These products cover a wide range of mechanical properties for protecting FCIP, FCOB, CSP and BGA solder joints with optimized adhesion, modulus, CTE, Tg and moisture stability and support stringent industry JEDEC and automotive reliability standards.

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