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Beryllium is a very low density metal (1.85), characterized by a very high stiffness (300 GPa), excellent thermal conductivity (182 W / mK), very high mass heat (1825 J / Kg.K), and A low coefficient of thermal expansion (11 ppm). It is transparent to X-rays. In addition, it has outstanding optical and neutron properties. Beryllium is used for specific applications related to its properties in the following fields: space, military, optical & nuclear. It is also used in many equipment working under X-rays, because of its transparency to this radiation. Beryllium is harmless in its solid form but is toxic in the form of very fine powders or particles. Any operation likely to generate beryllium powder (machining, cutting, polishing, etc.) must be carried out by an approved company.

BERYLLIUM for nuclear, optical and structural applications

Different grades are available, with different beryllium content (from 98,5 % to 99.2 %); the choice is driven by the application :
  • nuclear or structural grades (S-65 ; S-200F ; S-200FH…)
  • optical grades (I-220H, O-30H, I-70H…)-70H…)

BERYLLIUM for X ray applications for medical, scientific and industrial markets

Beryllium pieces for X ray applications are manufactured in the Californian plant of Materion Electrofusion Products, specialized in rolling, forming and assembly.
IF-1 (99.8 % Be min.) ; PF-60 (99% Be min.) ; PS-200 (98.5 % Be min.)

BERYLLIUM for acoustic applications

Beryllium pieces for acoustic application are manufactured in the Californian plant of Materion Electrofusion Products, specialized in rolling, forming and assembly.
Truextent® (98% Be min.)

Aluminum - Beryllium

ALBEMET is an exceptional family of metal matrix composites, combining the inherent stiffness and low density of beryllium and the versatility of Aluminum. One composition, AlBeMet AM 162, which is the most common composition, provides a set of physical and mechanical properties significantly superior to conventional aluminum.
This combination of properties lends the material to stiffness, weight and thermally driven applications, typically satellite and military aircraft structures, military targeting and guidance systems, avionics thermal management applications, automotive component and motion control applications.

AlBeMet® AM162 (by powder metallurgy)

This « alloy » contains about 62% (in mass) of beryllium and 36-40% of aluminum.
  • AlBeMet® AM162 H (hot isostatic pressed) ;
  • AlBeMet® AM162 extruded ;
  • AlBeMet® AM162 rolled.

Typical properties of beryllium and AlBeMet®

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